Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Approaching IELTS Reading - True/False/Not Given

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage? Write

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

Visit the island state of TASMANIA

Getting there
Tasmania is well serviced by air, but the cost of flights varies enormously, so make sure you shop around for the best price. The over-sea route to Tasmania is covered by two fast ships from Melbourne. These vessels offer an overnight service in both directions, seven days a week, all year round, with additional daytime services in the high season (December-January). Ships also sail from Sydney and ticket prices vary seasonally. The ferry takes cars and motorbikes.

Getting around

Coach services link all the main towns, as well as bus tours geared for independent travellers, though services can be limited in the low season, so check with the bus company. Cycling is a good option for people with strong legs, and several excellent tours cater for cyclists throughout the island. Car rental is sometimes the best choice to go further and at your own pace.

Q.1. It is a good idea to investigate the airfares carefully. TRUE [= shop around for the best price]Q.2. There is a reduced ferry service from Melbourne in December. FALSE [=opposite 'additional daytime services']
Q.3. The price of travelling by boat from Sydney is the same throughout the year. FALSE [=opposite  'prices vary seasonally']
Q.4. There is a charge for transporting vehicles. NOT GIVEN [vehicles = cars and motobikes but charge not mentioned]
Q.5. The buses may run less frequently when there are fewer visitors. TRUE [=services can be limited in the low season]
Q.6. Renting a car is recommended for longer trips. TRUE [=car rental...best choice to go further]


• First look at the statements then find the answers in the passage.
• Look for key words in the statements that will help you locate the information in the passage e.g. capital letters, numbers, unusual words etc.
• The answers in the passage follow the statement order.
• This type of question is the same as Yes/No/Not Given but the difference being that in Yes/No/Not Given you are asked about the writer’s opinion in the passage.
• It is important to understand the meaning of the statement.

Sample reading passage taken from New Insights into IELTS – Student’s book p.76


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