Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Phrasal verbs with 'fall'

Fall apart = to experience emotional problems e.g. He fell apart when his girlfriend left him.

Fall back on = to use something when there is no other choice e.g. If we don’t save we won’t have anything to fall back on when there is a financial crisis.

Fall behind someone = to stay behind e.g. The others were running too fast and she fell behind.

Fall behind something = to not meet a deadline e.g. Building the stadium has fallen behind schedule.

Fall down / fall over = to fall to the ground e.g. The athlete tripped on the hurdle and fell down.

Fall over = to fall onto its side e.g. I bumped into the tray and it fell over spilling all the drinks on the floor.

Fall for = to be attracted to someone e.g. I think I’m falling for him.

Fall for something = to be tricked into believing something untrue e.g. I can’t believe they fell for it and had all their money stolen.

Fall into = to belong to a category e.g. Animals fall into many different categories.

Fall under = to be included in a particular group e.g. That piece falls under the subheading of Art.

Fall on something = to happen on a certain day/date e.g. New Year falls on a Monday this year.

Fall on someone = to be responsible for something e.g. The job of collecting the trash falls on the local municipality.

Fall out = to argue e.g. I left the flat after falling out with my flatmates.

Fall out = to lose hair/teeth e.g. My son’s first tooth fell out last week.

Fall through = fails to happen e.g. Our plan to get married in spring fell through.

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