Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Phrasal Verbs with 'cut'

Cut across/through something = to move from one side of an area to another in order to get somewhere quickly e.g. We cut across the woods to get to our car faster.

Cut back something = to reduce the amount of money being spent on something e.g. To recover from the recession many European Union countries have to cut back on their spending.

Cut something down = to make it fall to the ground e.g. They’ve cut down that old olive tree.

Cut something down = to reduce the amount, size or length of something e.g. You need to cut down your dissertation as it’s too long.

Cut down = to eat or drink less of something unhealthy e.g. My children need to cut down on the amount of sweets they eat daily.

Cut in = to suddenly drive in front of someone e.g. A car cut in front of us and we almost had an accident.

Cut in = to interrupt a couple dancing to dance with one of them e.g. May I cut in?

Cut in = to interrupt a conversation e.g. He suddenly cut in to say a policeman was giving us a ticket.

Cut something off = to stop providing it e.g. The electricity supply was cut off in certain areas to save energy.

Cut someone off = to prevent people from reaching or leaving an area e.g. Due to the snow storm we were cut off.

Cut someone off = to stop talking to someone e.g. She cut herself off completely after her divorce.

Cut someone off = when a telephone conversation breaks e.g. I couldn’t finish what I was saying as I got cut off.

Cut something out = to cut a shape into paper or cloth e.g. Can you cut out that picture of Lady Gaga?

Cut something out = to remove part of a piece of writing e.g. You need to cut out that part where you are providing a personal opinion.

Cut someone out = to not let someone share something e.g. If you cut the middleman out, you will make a higher profit.

Cut it out! = stop doing something annoying e.g. Cut it out! I want to watch this show.

Cut out for something = to have the right qualities e.g. You’re brilliant with children, you are cut out to be a teacher.

Cut through something = to deal with a problem fast e.g. Once we had cut through all the bureaucracy we were able to get our passport in a matter of days.

Cut something up = to cut it into small pieces e.g. The teacher cut up the note and threw it away.

Cut up = to be very upset about something e.g. He was pretty cut up when his girlfriend left him.

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