Friday, 24 August 2012

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Compared to our parent’s generation, life has become much more stressful. As a result, stress-related illnesses are on the increase around the world.

Why is stress such a problem in the modern world and what do you think can be done to overcome the problems caused by stress?

In the past people lived simpler lives with fewer choices but today many suffer from stress-related illnesses such as heart disease, insomnia, obesity and high blood pressure due to the fast pace of modern life and the effort to keep up.

There is a lot of tension and pressure in people’s life due to the fact that there is competition in all walks of life and there is a constant need to have a high level of performance. To stay ahead, people have to work longer hours and bear a heavy workload. Apart from the professional aspect of life, people are under stress socially to conform to society’s ideal lifestyle and keep up with the material wealth of others even if this is not what they want. Stress is unhealthy as it has many negative symptoms that exhaust a person’s body.

To maintain a healthier lifestyle it is important to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Similarly, people need to get enough rest and sleep and avoid bad habits such as smoking or drinking too much. Maintaining a sense of humour and a positive outlook to life is also helpful. Finally, workers should avoid taking on too much responsibility and setting unrealistic deadlines.

Unfortunately, stress is part of our everyday life and is here to stay. In order to avoid the health-related issues associated with it people should try to be as healthy as possible by being fit, eating healthily and sleeping enough.

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