Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Academic IELTS - Writing (Task 1)

The table shows the preferences of international visitors who either opted for cities, the seaside or tours in 2005 in five countries.

43% of visitors who went to the UK chose cites as their destination while about a half of this number vacationed in Spanish cities. While French cities were preferred by 17% of the tourists, American and Italian cities accounted for 13%.

France and Spain noted high percentages of interest in coastal regions, 75% and 65% respectively. The remaining countries, Italy, USA and the UK had less than 10% of the tourists going to their coasts.

Touring was popular in the USA (81%) and Italy (79%). 53% of the international tourists selected to tour the UK. A tour of Spain (14%) and France (8%) was not popular among visitors.

To sum up, in 2005 international tourists enjoyed touring America and Italy whilst the coastal areas of France and Spain were favoured destinations. The UK was visited for its cities and not its coastal regions.

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