Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Academic IELTS - Writing (Task 1)

The bar chart provides information on how much free time men and woman had per week in 1998-99 according to their employment status.

To begin with, unemployed and retired males had 80 hours of free time a week while females in this category had 10 hours less of leisure time. Housewives enjoyed 50 hours per week of free time whereas females who had part-time work had 10 hours less. Finally, men who worked full-time had a rest period of 45 hours a week and their female counterparts didn't have as much free time (35 hours).

We can see that men had more leisure time than women in the given time period particularly those that were unemployed and retired. Although unemployed and retired women also had plenty of free time, those with a full-time job had the least time off as did women with part-time jobs.

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