Sunday, 12 July 2015

IELTS General Training - Task 2

With developments in modern technology, it is much better to shop online.
Do you agree or disagree.

Advances in technology have offered consumers the possibility to shop online. Many retailers have introduced this way of shopping in order to be competitive and survive.

There are many benefits to consumers who shop online. For a start, prices are cheaper. You can look for the best deals with the click of a button. There are more choices available for buyers. Perhaps some products are not sold in the purchaser’s country. What is more, you can do your shopping from any device such as a laptop or smart phone around the clock. Online shops never close and deliver directly to your home.

Some people however, prefer traditional ways of shopping. They prefer to try on clothes and shoes to see if they fit them or suit them. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right size without trying items on. A size 12 in Britain might not be the same as a size 12 in China. Sizes also vary between shops in the same country. 

Others might feel safer using a credit card in a shop rather than on the internet. There have been many cases of personal and card details being stolen online. Let us not forget that local shops are harmed by the internet so the economy of a country suffers. Finally, shopping is seen by many as a way to spend their free time. Many people enjoy browsing through shops and combining this activity with other activities such as drinking coffee, watching a movie or having a meal.

Although there are some risks attached to online shopping, I believe this method will become increasingly popular in the future as modern technology has made it easier.

Question taken from Richmond Practice Tests for IELTS p.91

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