Thursday, 23 July 2015

IELTS Academic Writing - Task 1

The pie charts indicate the proportion of products transported between he eastern and western region of a country with the remaining part of the country. Five modes of transport are used for the movement of products.

Most of the goods are transported from the eastern region by road (60%), 20% by rail and half of this portion by river/canal. The remaining 10% is transported either by air or pipeline in equal proportions.

Products arriving from the western region are distributed differently. Road is the preferred method used to move items from the western regions of the country. This accounts for 35%. Rail use is a quarter and pipeline 5% less. River/canal and air are used equally (10%) for the transportation of products.

In both cases, east and west, road is the most popular mode for the movement of goods, followed by rail. Pipeline is preferred more in the western region.

Question taken from Richmond Practice Tests for IELTS Student's book p.37

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