Sunday, 11 January 2015

IELTS Reading Skills - Matching Information

In this type of reading question, you need to find an idea or some information in the passage and match it to a phrase that describes it.

The findings of a study – (they are asking for the results of a study) e.g. A month later, we were able to test it again and the results showed a significant change in temperature when the insulation was used.

The method used in a research study – (they are asking the way in which research was done) e.g. We achieved this by weighing the animals both before and after periods of exercise.

The reaction to something – (they are asking how people felt) e.g. After ten years, they gave up. The experiment had failed and, as a result, the public grew angry at the waste of public funds.

A description of a habitat – (they are asking about the natural environment) e.g. They live in dark, humid areas and so tend to be found in and around tropical rainforests.

The difference between current and past studies – (comparing today's studies with past ones) e.g. Our study looked at the surrounding environment while previous researchers have concentrated on diet.

A description of how something works – (steps involved) e.g. Water is forced at pressure through a narrow pipe. The water hits the top of the water wheel, causing it to turn.

A cause of something – (the reason why something is like that) e.g. The water is warm thanks to a natural hot spring beneath the riverbed.

The amount of time needed for something – (you need to look for a period of time) e.g. It takes 35 days for the chick to leave the nest and fly.

You might be asked to find:
a number, a date, a measurement, a reason, a cause, an effect, a conclusion, the problems, a finding, an account, a reaction, a description

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic & General Training p.60

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