Sunday, 25 January 2015

General Training Writing - Task 2

It is sometimes said that people should be encourage to get married before they are 30, as this is best both for the individual and society. Do you agree or disagree?

Getting married or not or at what age is an individual choice in many societies today. People seem to be getting married later on in life nowadays because they first want to finish their studies, travel and establish their career before settling down.

Those who get married early are able to enjoy their partner and family while they are still young and have energy to bring up their children. By the time their children are adults they are still young enough to enjoy their life. Society benefits as well in terms of having a young workforce and a productive economy. This can be seen in countries such as Turkey.

On the other hand, in many European countries people decide to tie the knot in their forties. This is a big change for individuals who are used to being independent and living on their own. It is also difficult for women to have a baby later on in life and children grow up with ageing parents. The main benefit of this choice is that individuals are mature, settled and financially secure after 30. Similarly, older parents are better able to provide for their children and this improves a child’s standard of living.

Although I do not think there is an ideal age to get married as this is a personal preference, I believe it is better to encourage individuals to get married earlier on in life, particularly if their aim is to have a family. Many societies promote getting married before 30 as parents of the married couple are in a better position to help raise their grandchildern.

Question taken from The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic and General Training p.299


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    In old days, people used to get married at an early age. Unlike then, people now are more focused on their education and career, and want to build a name before going forward with anything else. In my opinion, its not just to persuade anyone to get married at any age, unless one wants to get married.

    Someone may argue that getting married after 30 will consequently lead to having children at an even later stage and can cause several complications during the birth of a child. Moreover, some parents emotionally blackmail their progenies to get married because they want to see their grandkids.

    I believe, all the above mentioned arguments are utterly illogical. Additionally, there are plethora of demerits of getting married in early 20’s. Firstly, if you rush into a marriage without giving much thought and adequate time, the misunderstandings can crop up between partners which can lead to divorces. Such scenarios are extremely emotionally distressful. Secondly, for some people the ties of weeding are just too binding, and they don’t believe in the constitution of marriage. Pressurizing such people to get married will not be healthy for either of the partners and will ultimately lead to growing worried and anxiousness amongst them.

    Furthermore, majority of the youth is opting for higher education. By the time they complete their degree they are in their late twenties. For example, my boyfriend, age 31, just finished his Ph.D. and is actively looking for a job. We don’t want to get married unless we are sure of our financial stability which is a prerequisite for a content married life.

    In conclusion, I would like to wrap up by saying that one should take as much time as one wants in deciding the life partner, irrespective of age, because it is one of the major decisions in life. Decision of marrying is a personal choice and the society shouldn’t be judgmental using age as a parameter.