Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Some people think that health care is a basic human necessity that should not be provided by the private companies, but should be provided by the state.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of health care being provided by the private sector.

Everyone needs to receive medical attention at some point in their lives, whether this is for a routine check-up, an emergency or an operation. Some countries provide medical services for free, for example, the UK has the NHS while in other countries like the USA it is necessary to pay health insurance in order to receive treatment.

Many people prefer going to private clinics even if free state hospitals are available. A private doctor is likely to pay more attention to a patient and they have all the latest equipment. They also function without all the paper work involved in the public sphere. Due to the fact that a private hospital operates as a business, their aim is to be as efficient as possible and patients are treated as paying customers.  On the other hand, public services are under staffed, extremely busy and doctors work in an environment where many mistakes can be made.

Despite the high quality services provided by the private sector, we must not forget that most people cannot afford to pay these high fees and should not have to as health affects us all. The private sector should not be allowed to take advantage of a person's pain to make a profit. It is for this reason that the American health system has come under attack.

In most cases, people have a choice between public and private care as these two options are both provided. Those with money and those who value professionalism, efficiency and quality will turn to the private sphere whilst low income groups opt for free treatment.

Question taken from Ready for IELTS course book p.139

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