Sunday, 24 February 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Countries should not replace their traditional culture with modern culture. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Societies are continuously evolving and as a result traditional culture is often lost or transformed. It is quite difficult to maintain a culture if the young generation is not willing to continue these traditions because they want to embrace what is new.

Some traditions are relevant to the time period in which they were conceived and for this reason they may not be appropriate today. Some societies for example discriminate against women or have harsh cultural practices that are unacceptable in modern society. It is best for these types of practices to be replaced. Similarly, in a multi-cultural society where people and cultures intermingle there is bound to be a fusion of cultures over time. This is not to say that modern culture is less important than traditional culture, just that it is likely to take a different form.

The older generation is likely to disagree with modern culture as it will seem unfamiliar to them. They are less likely to be able to deal with change.  What is more, traditional culture in the form of song, dance, food, art, cinema, customs etc. has a certain charm and reminds people of their past and heritage.  It is a link to their ancestors, a simpler way of living and doing things so it is important to preserve these traditions.

Some traditions in our culture will remain with us for a lifetime and are expressed through festivals and special occasions but I think in the end modern culture will take over because of the mass movement of people and the emphasis on progress and a modern lifestyle.

Question taken from Get ready for IELTS Writing p.24

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