Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Some idioms with "go"

Be on the go = be active e.g. She’s always on the go. She hardly ever gets to relax.
From the word go = from the beginning e.g. They were involved in the project from the word go.
Go against the grain = oppose popular trends e.g. He went against the grain and married someone 20 years older than him.
Go ahead = continue/go before e.g. I’m running late. Go ahead and I’ll meet you later.
Go back on = break a promise or agreement e.g. Although the hotel offered us a good deal, they went back on their offer.
Go bust = become bankrupt e.g. The corner shop wasn’t doing too well and went bust last month.
Go downhill = worsen e.g. After his divorce, he went completely downhill, losing his job and friends.
Go halves/ go Dutch/ go fifty-fifty = share equally e.g. Let’s go Dutch with the dinner bill.
Go off = become bad e.g. We left the milk in the fridge when we went on our world tour and it went off!
Go off someone = become less interested e.g. I really liked that actor but now I’ve gone off him.
Go on = continue e.g. What happened after that? Go on.
Go out of one’s way = take extra trouble to do something e.g. They went out of their way to show us around Hanoi.
Go round = avoid e.g. Can we go around this rule?
Go through with = fulfill a commitment e.g. The government is going through with their proposal to build a new hospital.
Go to one’s head = become over-confident e.g. All that fame and media attention is going to her head.
Go to sleep = become numb e.g. I was watching TV all day and my leg went to sleep!
Go without saying = need not be mentioned e.g. It goes without saying that you are welcome to stay with us whenever you like.
Have a go = make an attempt e.g. I know it’s a difficult language, but I’m going to have a go at it.
Here we go again = the same thing is happening again e.g. Here we go again! He’s going to start telling us his university stories!
Go easy on somebody = be lenient with someone e.g. She’s just finished university and has no work experience, so go easy on her.

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