Saturday, 10 October 2015

IELTS General Training Writing - Task 2

In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing.

What do you think are the main causes of crime?

How can we deal with those causes?

Crime is on the rise in several countries. There are many reasons for this, the most obvious being poverty. If someone lives in an inner city area under difficult circumstances they might be drawn to crime. They might steal to survive. In case they are unemployed they might break into houses or shops to steal products to sell on the black market. Coming from a broken home is another reason why young people turn to crime. Absent parents, hanging out with bad friends or joining neighbourhood gangs, not going to school, addiction to drugs and alcohol are all factors that lead to a rise in crime. So economic factors, a person's family, environment and lack of education or opportunities might be contributing factors.

In order to deal with these issues certain measures can be taken. Firstly, the government can work with local companies to train young people and provide them with job opportunities to get them off the streets. Secondly, schools should try to motivate students to continue their education and not drop out. Having a high school education keeps a person focused and increases their chances of employment. Unfortunately it is very difficult for the government to get involved in the way a person raises their family. In cases where children have a violent upbringing, social services should speed up the process of proving help to victims, moving them to safer environments. This may reduce their chances of turning to crime when they are older. Finally, the government might take a different approach and enforce stricter punishments for those who break the law. This might make criminals think twice before committing a crime. 

Question taken from Cambridge IELTS 10, p.116

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