Sunday, 26 January 2014

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Even though doctors all over the world agree that fast food is bad for people's health more and more people are eating it. Why are more people eating fast food? What can be done about this problem?

Fast food is easily available. It can be found at every street corner and its availability and convenience makes it attractive to consumers. Fast food is cheap and is ready instantly so those on a budget and those in a hurry will choose this food. Due to our competitive, busy and fast-paced lifestyle people who work long hours don’t have time to shop healthy ingredients and spend time preparing a well -balanced meal. Instead it has become extremely easy to drop into a fast-food outlet for a ready meal.

Let us not forget that fast food is high in sugar, fat, salt, calories and this makes it tasty. You get an instant buzz from eating it and want to continue eating it even though you are aware of the health risks.

It is up to each individual to be responsible for their own diet and health. They should try as much as possible to make positive life choices and improve their well-being. The government can impose higher taxes on fast food outlets to protect people’s health and discourage them by making this type of food expensive. At the same time they should subsidize fresh vegetables and fruit in order to lower the price and make these products attractive to consumers and affordable.

Award winning chefs like Jamie Oliver have also helped greatly in promoting simple, fast, cheap and healthy cooking option for ordinary people who don’t have much time to prepare a meal for their family. Ultimately, if people stopped consuming fast food these eateries would not exist anymore.

Question taken from Official IELTS Practice Materials 2

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