Sunday, 4 August 2013

Speaking IELTS - Part 2 & 3 (Model notes)

 Describe your favorite style of dress. You should say:
  • What kind of clothes you like to wear (casual, sporty, trendy, comfortable, formal, dresses, jeans etc.)
  • What fabrics and colors you prefer (cotton, silk, leather, bright/dark colors etc.)
  • What (or who) influences you in your choice of clothes (magazines, fashion TV, friends, celebrities, chose what suits you etc.)
  • And explain whether clothes are important to you or not (clothes are a form of expression and are an indication of the type of person someone is e.g. if you follow fashion or are concerned about your appearance)


Do you think it’s important to wear formal clothes for a job interview? (You should wear a suit, a shirt and tie, to show you are professional and serious about getting the job.)

How much can you judge a person by their appearance, in your opinion? (Appearance is what you notice first on a person. When you get to know them better you are able to judge them in other ways.)

Do you think people should be free to wear whatever they like at work? (Work is done in a professional environment and employers expect employees to be well-dressed. Staff in creative professions such as hairdressers and tattoo artists should be able to dress as they wish.)

What do you think about school uniforms? (Convenient for parents and children. Don’t have to worry about what to wear. Economical. No distinction between rich and poor students.)

Do you think the fashion industry is a bad influence on young people? (Bad influence in terms of body image and people wanting to spend too much on latest trends.)

Question taken from Cambridge IELTS 9, p.158

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