Monday, 29 July 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The bar graph shows how many boys and girls were successful in their school leaving exams, for the year 1993-94.
Less than 10% of the students passed the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), while about 42% of the boys and girls passed Mathematics. 61.5% of the girls did well in English as did 44.4% of the boys. More girls (32.7%) passed French than boys (20.2%). There is a 2.3% difference in favor of the boys in Geography and an 8.6% difference in Craft, Design and Technology. A greater percentage of girls (23.4%) passed history than boys (17.9%).
To conclude English and Mathematics were the subjects passed by the greatest number of students. More girls passed English, French and History, while boys did better in Craft, Design & Technology. Few students passed the Sciences.
Question taken from Focus on IELTS, Longman p.150

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