Monday, 19 December 2011

Verbs starting with 'over'

Verbs starting with ‘over’ can mean too much.

Overachieve – better than expected
Overact – act a role in an exaggerated way
Overactive – too active
Overambitious – having too much ambition
Overanxious – excessively anxious
Overbook – accept more bookings than there is room for
Overburden – give too much work to do
Overcautious – too cautious
Overcharge – charge too high a price
Overcompensate – take excessive measures to make amends for something
Overconfident – excessively confident
Overcook – cook for too long
Overcrowded – too many people
Overdevelop – develop too much
Overdo – to too much of an activity
Overdose – take too much of a dangerous drug
Overdraw – take too much money out of a bank account
Overdress – dress too formally
Overeager – excessively eager
Overeat – eat too much
Overemphasize – put too much emphasis on
Overenthusiasm – excessive enthusiasm
Overestimate – to think that something is more than it actually is
Overexcited – very excited
Overexert – make too great an effort
Overexpose – expose too much
Overfamiliar – too well known
Overfill – fill to excess
Overflow – too full
Overgrow – grow too large
Overhear – to unintentionally hear something someone says when they aren’t talking to you
Overheat – make or become too hot
Overindulge – have too much of something enjoyable
Overjoyed – extremely happy
Overkill – too much of something
Overload – load too heavily
Overlook – to ignore or not notice a problem
Overpay – pay too much
Overplay – over emphasize
Overpriced – too expensive
Overprotective – excessively protective
Overqualified – having too many qualifications
Overrate – rate more highly than is deserved
Overreact – react more strongly than is justified
Oversimplify – make something too simple so an inaccurate impression is given
Oversized – bigger than the usual size
Oversleep – to sleep longer than you should
Overspend – spend too much
Overstate – state too strongly
Overstay – stay longer than an allowed time
Overstep – go beyond a limit
Overstretch – make excessive demands on
Overtime – work more than the normal working hours
Overturn – to turn upside down or on the side
Overuse – use too much
Overweight – above normal weight
Overwork – work too much

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