Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Model Answer - IELTS (Task 1)

The diagram shows how energy is produced from coal.

The diagram shows the different stages required to produce clean energy from coal.

Initially, coal is placed on a conveyor belt and is placed in a furnace together with oxygen from another source. The mixture is burnt in a furnace and from this raw syngas is produced. Two substances are removed from the raw syngas; purified syngas and Mercury Sulphur. Other impurities like slag are also extracted from the furnace.

The purified syngas is used to drive a gas turbine as well as a generator and in this way produces electricity. Alternatively, the gas turbine produces hot exhaust gases which are taken to a heat recovery generator. The steam that is produced at this stage is used to power a steam turbine and with the help of a generator once again makes electricity.

To conclude, the electricity that is produced from coal undergoes a purification stage to clean the harmful substances and the energy is produced on site with the help of a gas or steam turbine.

Question taken from Improve your IELTS Writing Skills p.24


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  2. to produce electricity, not clean energy because the burning coal emits FLUE GASES including mercury, co, sulfur dioxide and SLAG,

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