Thursday, 18 November 2010

Phrasal verbs with ‘go’

Go about = begin dealing with something e.g. What’s the best way to go about researching the topic?
Go about something = to continue with an activity e.g. They went about their business as usual.

Go after somebody = chase e.g. Should we go after her?
Go after something = try to get something you want e.g. Are you planning to go after that managerial position?

Go against something = go against a rule/belief e.g. It goes against my principles to cheat in an exam.
Go against something/somebody = do the opposite e.g. I went against my parents' suggestions and became an accountant.

Go ahead = begin doing something e.g. We’re going ahead with the concert.

Go along with something/somebody = support an idea/opinion e.g. I went along with Joan's idea for the shopping mall.

Go around = many people getting an illness e.g. I caught a cold that’s been going around.
Go around = visit someone e.g. We went around to her place for tea.
Go around = enough for everyone e.g. Are there enough photocopies to go around?
Go around = to dress in a particular way e.g. He goes around in jeans.

Go away = ask someone to leave e.g. Please go away.
Go away = disappear e.g. The feeling won’t go away.

Go back = return e.g. We went back to India
Go back on = break a promise e.g. I don’t like to go back on my word.
Go back to something = to return to what you were doing e.g. We went back to work after lunch.
Go back to somebody = begin a relationship again with the same person e.g. Would you ever go back to him?

Go down = reduced e.g. House prices went down in January.
Go down = sunset e.g. We watched the sun go down.
Go down = ship/airplane accident e.g. The plane went down 5 minutes after take off.
Go down = enjoyable/easy to eat e.g. Some fries would go down nicely right now.

Go for something = choose e.g. I went for the green jumper.
Go for = sold at a price e.g. The book went for 20 dollars.
Go for = try to achieve something e.g. I’m going for that job.
Go for = like a particular type of thing/person e.g. Joan goes for younger men.

Go into = to describe, discuss, examine in detail e.g. I don’t want to go into detail now.
Go into = hit e.g. The car went into a tree.
Go into = time/money/effort spent on a product or activity e.g. A lot of work has gone into the project.
Go in with somebody = become someone’s business partner e.g. They went into business together.

Go off = explode e.g. The fireworks went off on New Year's Eve.
Go off = food or drink that can't be consumed e.g. The milk went off as we forgot to put it in the fridge.
Go off with = steal/take without asking e.g. Someone went off with my phone.

Go on = continue e.g. Life goes on.
Go on! = encourage someone to do something e.g. Go on! You can do it.
Go on = money spent on something e.g. Most of our income goes on shopping.
Go on = continue what you are saying e.g. Finish your story, go on.

Go out with somebody = have a romantic relationship with someone e.g. They've been going out for quite a while.

Go through something = to experience an unpleasant/difficult event e.g. He went through a difficult time after he lost his job.
Go through something = check the contents e.g. I went through my bag looking for my phone.

Go under = fail financially e.g. The company went under and couldn't cover its costs.

Go up = increase e.g. The price of cars has gone up.

Go without = to not have something e.g. We had to go without electricity when we didn't pay the bill.

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