Monday, 22 November 2010

Expressions with 'look'

Look after somebody/something = take care of e.g. Can you look after our dog this weekend?
Look ahead = think and plan for the future e.g. We have to look ahead if we want to make a profit.
Look at = examine e.g. Look at this proposal and let me know what you think.
Look back = remember something from the past e.g. When I look back, I realize it was a crazy thing to do.
Look down on = think someone is less important than you e.g. They looked down on us because we were waiters.
Look for = to try to find something/someone e.g. I’ve been looking for my keys all morning.
Look forward to = excited about a future event e.g. I’m looking forward to the concert.
Look into = investigate e.g. The police are looking into the bank robbery.
Look out! =take care e.g. Look out! There is a car coming.
Look out for something/somebody = look carefully e.g. Look out for Lucy, her plane has landed.
Look over something = examine quickly e.g. I looked over my notes before the presentation.
Look through something = examine carefully e.g. I looked through the files for the missing document.
Look up = to search for information e.g. We looked up the number in the directory.
Look up = starting to improve e.g. Things are beginning to look up.
Look up to = respect e.g. He has always looked up to his older brother.

From the look of things = judging by appearances e.g. From the look of things, the shop is doing great.
Not much to look at = unattractive e.g. The car is not much to look at but it is reliable.
Look on the bright side = be cheerful in spite of difficulties e.g. Look on the bright side, at least you got tickets to the concert.
Look his/her age = appear as old as he/she really is e.g. She doesn’t look her age at all.
New look = fresh appearance e.g. Her new hairstyle gives her a completely new look.

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