Sunday, 12 June 2016

IELTS Academic Writing - Task 2

Many people choose to learn a foreign language through self-study. Others believe it's impossible to become a fluent speaker in this way. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

In a global world learning a foreign language has become extremely important for work and travel. Some people opt to learn a second language on their own using the Internet and other resources while others argue that this is not an effective method.

People who have full-time jobs, family responsibilities, limited time or money or choose to learn another language for pleasure might go about learning a foreign language on their own. The Internet has a wealth of information for language learners. There are free courses, videos, movies in foreign languages, blogs, apps, supportive groups on Facebook and quizzes available which makes it easy for someone to learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. It is also possible to find printed material, CDs and DVDs at local libraries and bookstores. All these resources can be accessed easily and can help a learner achieve a certain standard via self-study.

In order to reach a higher level though, other methods might be required. It may be a good idea for a learner to attend regular classes to improve their accuracy in the language. During a lesson they have the opportunity to ask a teacher questions and interact with other students. Another way is to immerse themselves in the culture of a country by trying to live there or working locally. If someone lives or works where a language is spoken they are able to learn it faster and better. 

In my opinion, self-study is useful for beginners who want to understand the basic structure and vocabulary of a language. In terms of fluency, however, I think classes are needed in order for a person to reach a higher level of accuracy.  



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