Saturday, 4 April 2015

IELTS Academic Writing - Task 1

The bar chart shows three products exported by Southland in 2000, at present as well as expectations for 2025.

In 2000, international tourism accounted for 8 billion exports. This category is currently about 1 billion more. In 2025, exports of this category are predicted to increase to 10 billion.

In 2000, exports of dairy products stood at 7 billion. At present, exports of this produce are on par with projections of international tourism (10 billion). In the future, exports are likely to drop to 9.5 billion.

Finally, meat products are the least exported products and exports of this fall gradually from 6 billion in 2000 to 5.5 billion currently. A further 0.5 billion drop is anticipated in 2025.

To conclude, international tourism is on the rise while meat product exports are on the decline in Southland. The export of international tourism and dairy products are the greatest in 2025 and 2015 respectively.

Question taken from The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic & General Training p. 224

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