Saturday, 19 July 2014

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The bar chart shows what children read in their leisure time in England in the year 2007. This material is read by boys and girls aged 9 - 14 more than once a month.

The majority of girls enjoy reading magazines while between 45 and 60% of them read websites, emails, fiction and blogs or networking websites more than once a month. Less than 30% of them enjoy newspapers, poetry, factual books, manuals and graphic related material.

Over half the boys aged 9 to 14 read magazines and websites. Readership of emails, newspapers and blogs or networking sites are around 45% while fiction and comic/graphic novels are slightly less. All other reading material categories are less than 30%.

We can see that both boys and girls enjoy reading magazines the most and that the last three categories of reading materials presented on the chart are the least popular.

Question taken from Direct to IELTS, Student's Book p.94

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