Sunday, 17 March 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Air travel causes a variety of problems in the world and we should find alternative means of transport. Describe some of the problems caused by air travel and suggest some solutions.

More travelers nowadays chose to travel by air as it is fast, easy and safe. In some cases the only way to reach another country is by air. Air travel has made the world a much smaller place to live in and allows travelers to experience other cultures and close important business deals.

The biggest problem created by airplanes is pollution. The skies are full of planes that consume large amounts of non-renewable fuel to keep them in the air. Similarly, airplanes create a lot of fumes that damage the environment. People travel without considering their carbon footprints which is particularly critical when traveling long distances. Travel by air is also stressful for passengers who experience delays, cancellations, overcrowded airports etc.

It is difficult to find a replacement for air travel. This is a large industry that provides jobs to many people and it allows humans and products to be transported around the globe. An alternative would be to try and find new sources of energy to power these machines or to make them consume less fuel. People should be made aware of their carbon footprints before booking a flight so that they avoid unnecessary journeys.

What is more, instead of traveling for business meetings, business men could use modern technology such as video conferencing so as to avoid travel and accommodation expenses. Holiday makers may look out for alternative ways of moving around such as by bullet train, coach or ferry. These means of transport cause less environmental pollution.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.84


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