Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Model Answer - IELTS (Task 1)

The pie charts provide a breakdown in annual spending over a 20 year period in a UK school.

In 1981 almost a half (40%) of the total school spending was on teachers’ salaries followed by other workers’ salaries (28%). 30% of spending went on resources and furniture and equipment in equal parts. The smallest amount spent was on insurance at 2%.

Ten years later there was a 10% increase in teachers’ salaries and a 6% drop in other workers’ salaries. A 10% fall in spending can be noted in furniture and equipment while 5% was added to resources. Finally insurance spending rose by 1%.

In 2001 teachers’ salaries were reduced by 5% to 45% and other workers’ salaries were cut further to 15%. Spending on resources also fell to 9%. Insurance and furniture and equipment had a considerable increase from 1991 reaching 8% and 23% respectively.

Over the 20 year period, teachers’ salaries make up a substantial part of total school spending and insurance was a category with increasing importance. Spending on resources went down as did other workers’ salaries whilst furniture and equipment accounted for a small rise in spending.

Question taken from IELTS 8 past papers p.53

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