Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Idioms with "word"

Could I have a word? = May I speak to you in private? e.g. Could I have a word? It’s about Peter.

In other words = clarify something that has just been said. e.g. There are conference, meeting and banqueting rooms, in other words, the hotel has many facilities.

Mark my words = take note of what I’m saying. e.g. Mark my words, he’ll come back for revenge. He doesn't give up that easily.

My word! = an expression showing surprise, annoyance. e.g. My word! What a mess!

Not a word = Don’t say anything. e.g. I can hear them coming. Not a word or you will ruin the surprise.

Words fail me = to show surprise, shock, happiness, anger e.g. I won the lottery. I can’t believe it. Words fail me.

One more word out of you = punishment will follow if there isn’t silence e.g. One more word out of you and you’ll be sent to your room.

You can take my word for it = believe me e.g. Take my word for it, she’s an excellent teacher.

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